We Bring Back Craftsmanship to All People

We humbly call Rupadatu as a unique craft house focusing on handmade products. We build our establishment in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Our drive is to embrace our local artisans and empower their splendid handcraftsmanship to enter the global business. Meanwhile, our manufacturing facilities supporting the quality assurance, product improvement, and vetting collaboration with respective craftsperson to meet you who set distinctive standards for handmade yet natural products, which apparently go missing in our today’s commodities.

We highly value our product’s quality assurance in an objective price comparison between the competing commercials. That said, you will be the judge of your own purchase decision.

The Key Values

  • Handmade Only

We believe that craftsmanship belongs to the very core of each artisan’s creativity and hardships, NOT the machine. We dedicate our service only to those creative hands.

  • Natural and Organic Material

Our key principle is to yield artistry products which come from the nature or recyclables with no harmful substances or impacts.

  • Fair Trade

The price tag you see is what the craftsman has to offer to you plus an extra 10% charge for the company’s marketing fee. We do not cheat on you nor the artisans!

  • Lawful Employment

We only employ legal-aged workers under legitimate waging procedures as we ourselves do not want to be treated the otherwise.

  • Eco-Friendly Manufacture

The manufacture process of our products obviously has our greatest concern so that it is safe for both human and environment.

  • No Intermediary

Here we encourage you to get closer to the artisans and their works, so do as they to you, not as a third person taking irresponsible benefits from the business doers.


Our Mission

The mission we are carrying out hereaims at helping our local craftsmen find their fortune and decent living as well as gaining our dear customer’s satisfaction by providing commodities out of their handcraftsmanship. On the other hand, we let our customers know that any purchase made at Rupadatu makes a little contribution to the betterment of our artisans’ life and their families.


Our Vision

Starting from a small-scale business environment, we create our vision through the future by engaging Indonesian and towards South East Asian small and medium enterprises in promoting their collaborative handcraftsmanship to the global markets. Even a small to individual enterprise dare to compete with giant corporations.