Term & Conditions

Customer Service

How to place an order?

  1. After you browse our large collections of items and find something interesting there, just click the Buy button and it will be automatically logged into our purchase system.
  2. When you want to remove any items from your purchase list, just go to your Cart Bucket and click the Delete button on the item.
  3. Rearranging the purchase plan such as changing the quantity or cancelling the order is viable in the Edit button options.
  4. Remember to pay careful attention over the Minimum Order Quantity on each item, since most of our artisan products come in wholesale terms.
  5. Once you think you’re done with the order, click on the Proceed to Payment button to complete your order.
  6. You will receive an Invoice or Proforma Invoice depending on the type of goods and its availability, and please confirm to us at cs@rupadatu.comonce you settle the payment.


Ordering and Payment

At this moment we accept T/T, and Paypal. Some items in wholesale category may include two terms of payment:

  1. The initial 50% of the total price as a down payment (Proforma Invoice will be issued in this regard)
  2. The completion of the rest 50% (Final Invoice will be issued in this regard) once the products are done and ready to be shipped.

Shipping Tracking

As you make any purchase in our store, we will send you a specific tracking code issued by one of our third-party shipping agencies (based on your shipping option) which is accessible via their respective websites or apps. Please do not hesitate to contact us at cs@rupadatu.com regarding your tracking issues.

Return and Cancellation Policy

Rupadatu persistently puts strong emphasis on the quality of its products through our internal QC before delivering the items to you. In case of receiving any products subject to factory deflects or flaws (which are still legible to our quality terms), you can always return them back to us. Please keep in mind that you will be charged for the shipping cost.

It is generally not possible to cancel or rearrange an order once it has been submitted to a purchase system. Here you can, however, cancel or rearrange your submitted order as long as it has not been shipped (under our terms of cancellation and rearrangement) by contacting us at cs@rupadatu.com. Please note that any cancellation or rearrangement of the submitted order is however not available once the product has been shipped.

Custom Product

In regards to custom product demands, we intentionally adopt the concept of web-production support throughout our local networks. We call that concept Satellite Factory. This basically shelters multilevel enterprises; from small and medium companies to giants, from a single handcrafter to group workforces. Those manufacturers will then proceed any custom products based on your demands. To this extent, the base materials we are working on vary from wood, metal, jewelry, fabrics, leather, recycled papers and plastics.

If you think that you have certain ideas to create and develop a newly artistry product, please feel free to click the Contact Us button on the item which inspires your further creation. You will know that we provide you with full support through our facilities, ideas, production strategies and networks.